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Globalisation is occurring world-wide, and this is apparent in the large number of Japanese people who are based outside Japan, as well as Japanese doctors. However, being too integrated into the local medical communities could lead to a lack of opportunities for networking between doctors from Japan. JMAE is a doctors’ association established by seven Japanese medical doctors in Düsseldorf in 2006. Since then, JMAE has continued to grow to 50 members across 15 countries in Europe, the US, China and Japan in 2022. Our growth has enabled us to advocate for doctors, empower them to raise issues and provide support for maintaining health for Japanese people living in Europe, with various specialities.   The language barrier, as well as a difference in the healthcare system, is considered to be a significant factor in reducing the likelihood of Japanese people living in Europe from visiting local practices. Our aim is to be a barrier-free organisation that can contribute to the health, safety and wellbeing for Japanese citizens irrespective of borders or languages. Our free telephone consultation service was originally started for Japanese people living in areas where no Japanese doctors work, to help them receive full medical support in a different language and hospital environment. We continue this service for both daily life and emergencies.

Our aims are divided into three categories:

To provide a network for Japanese doctors based in Europe

- Monthly Skype meetings Our platform allows members to share ideas, knowledge and experiences each other. Skype meetings are open to all members including student section members and are held every month to discuss incoming topics and future challenges.
-The annual general meeting (AGM ) AGM is held once a year in a different city in Europe, where members meet face-to-face and make executive decisions for the future direction of the organisation. Our AGM is also essential as it provides a networking opportunity for young doctors to connect with experienced specialists. Every year, student section members bring questions in a range of medicine- and career-related topics and seek advice from experienced clinicians.

To support junior doctors studying and training in Europe

Youth members JMAE have a student section group consisting of medical students and trainee doctors. We consider each member of our student section as our colleague who is a key person and responsible for medicine in the next generation. Youth members hold monthly online meetings and yearly meetups as opportunities for various debates and for sharing experience and knowledge. They are also dedicating for blog posts so that they can share their activities and leanings in Europe with other Japanese peers around the world.     We have a mentorship scheme, where mentors provide advice for final year medical students regarding how to start a career in Europe. Since introducing this initiative, our mentors have successfully guided two trainee doctors to full-time employment in Germany. In April 2016, JMAE youth members hosted a career event for Japanese students studying medicine in Hungary to give guidance on how to start a career in Europe. This led to one of the participants visiting local hospitals in Germany where a JMAE member works. JMAE is proud of student section members who bring innovative ideas for the future of the organisation. Medical students 3rd year onwards and trainee doctors before being qualified as a specialist are eligible to apply for a student section membership.

To provide access to specialists

Free telephone consultation services JMAE have provided a free telephone health consultation for Japanese individuals living in Europe since 2012, which is available for all Japanese citizens wishing for medical advice. We connect users to a relevant specialist and if necessary refer to medical professionals working closest to their location in Europe.

Free face-to-face consultation services
This event was held alongside our AGM in response to high demand in Eastern Europe in Warsaw in 2015, and Prague in 2016 and 2017. The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. Our Obstetrician & Gynaecologist member hosted the first workshop to discuss pregnancy and parental care.

Feedback from the patient survey
“I have had many concerns about my health whilst living abroad, however, your service dispelled my worries with good advice and practical steps to remedy.”

“The 30-minute consultation slot was perfect, I was able to ask all of my questions and was very satisfied with the answers. Living abroad it is sometimes difficult to describe problems in a different language and have issues fully understood. This can be worrying especially when I think about my children.”

“This is a fantastic service; I’m sure that many people will benefit.”

Publication of medical articles
We try to raise awareness of our free services and advocacy through publishing monthly health articles in Heartliners, a magazine by Nippon Express since 2015. A wide range of topics is covered from second-degree burns to dementia.

Contact us

Email : jmaeurope@googlemail.com

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